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So many opinion on what "the future is female" really means. Someone was saying what do i mean?? So many people stared was wondering what they were thinking, Someone even  asked me personally Saying "Is it because females are the one who conceive"?? and stuffs like that......

I think we should seroiusly do more for gender  equality worldwide.
NB: If you are a woman with a bit of life experience, you already know you are a boss. You 're more likely to drive health care decisions in your family, control household spending, care for millenials and elders,  start a business....You have longetivity advantage over men; In other words, you rule!

Well let me share my opinion... (its never wrong); In this part of the world where am from (Lagos, Nigeria), It's really the male who dominates up to 70% of various sector; especially the political sector; you know. So if this is so I feel like the system is really not giving leverage to the females.....let us explore!! Let us control shits as well!!!!

Anyways....whether it is allowed or not....Females ain't gonna relent; we would fight for our right and we would get it!!! In essence I mean that if we females can work hand-in-hand to support each other one way or the other instead of beefing and fighting ourselves, it will definitely go a long way in improving, stabilizing, uplifting, and even encouraging the younger females to do more and better!!!!!

WHY THE FUTURE IS FEMALE  : Women do more;  we have more education than at any time in history.
We females have an edge,we have what it takes and more, we shoudnt be looked down on.....we need leverage opportunities if we want to grow....
So with this I hope have been able to convince you beyond reasonable doubt that the "FUTURE IS ACTUALLY FEMALE"

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